The Empirical EP

by Prize The Doubt

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Recorded live in 2 days at Paper Tiger Studios.


released September 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Prize The Doubt Columbus, Ohio

Alex Webb: Guitars, Lyrics, Vocals.
Jeremy Hill: Drums

Suspended Soul

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Track Name: Andromeda
Say Grace
Nobody is coming back to life
Fear fucking failure
I watch as they touch
Don't let the bastards
Bring you down
heart is beating thoughts conceding
Men make crowns
But she will destroy me
Void of words I feel her watching
She dresses in shadows
You are a loving whore
Temptress of distress
Defeatist prophet of doom
I'm killing time
Murdering my opportunities

Theres a kite and its dragging in my head
Theres a kid throwing rocks on it
He's been defeated
He killed reason

His jaw contracts feeling unity in hatred (x2)

My black heart
When did it care so much

I will drink the widows blood
Your mothers corpse was a loving whore
Watch this mess collide
I accept reluctantly
But without protest
Track Name: Ancient Infections
The threads of your passing
Gave me the rope
To tie and hold myself down
At all times
All I can see, are her teeth
And the, white of her eyes
People that talk all the time
Have nothing to say

The self war
Constructing worship
Expectant conflict
I'm so anxious to hear it
But I rarely do
Yet it dictates
My nature
The invisible pressure

The left side of my shoulder
Is partially armored
To restless beds
And weeping heads

All people need things
To take themselves away

Save us

I can hear the symphony playing
Outside the 7-11
Lets keep the symphony going

Do you remember when you said
You had friends
That didn't have your back

She's good in small doses
But so is poison

Got not home
God. No Home

Don't pray for me (x2)

Got no home (x3)

Ancient Infections
Track Name: Compass Rose
The Angels tangled
With lesser demons
It's called the dark gift
There is no hope you can trust
No stones from mountains were cut
In the days of final
And I still can't sleep
I have seen the sun three times
In the last six weeks

We make our habits
Until they make us (x2)

Your chemical perdition
it strays the compass rose (x2)

Lets run way from here
There's no where to go (x2)

In silence
In peace

Not kings or thrones
Not gods or angels
Hidden in the earth
Cut off 1 head
And spawn 2 more
I heard my heart beat
A terrible rhythm

The dead sea sings a song--------That every text will come undone
The stars fell from the sky-------- I am a child of my time
The mountains surrender-------- All your devotions hesitate.
And when your life divides------ All you posses is temporal
We all long for progress--------Until we are beneath the earth

The age of innocence
It bleeds a crimson just like us
Track Name: October 19th
Track Name: Introverted
We are servants
It wont serve us
We are servants
It wont serve us well

When the black crow sings
You ignore terrible things (x2)

We are the world a demon of wealth
Sent to repent like the wolf (x2)

Lying in shadows (x3)

Grief you post me to the brink
To the River of Acheron (x2)

When the black crow sings
You ignore terrible things (x2)
Track Name: Clenchers & Grinders
I'm getting to the point
Where sleep is better than life
You remind me of things that
Once were so innocent
Forgetting nothing
Forgiving less
The infallible fiction your diction is dripping

If we speak don't use my words against me (x3)

I throw myself on my knees to feel the entropy
But never question our perception
How can I survive the modern times

Drown yourself
With the martyrs and the blessed
Pitch is suffering from distress

I wake myself up screaming
My anger steps into the open air
I tightly breathe the enmity
This is the burning of a dream

I'm getting to the point
Where sleep is better than life
You remind me of things that
Once were so innocent
Forgetting nothing
Forgiving less
The infallible fiction your diction is dripping

I speak what I think without apologies
There's something disgustingly human about me
If I find the time I might bite my tongue
I burned the hole in your back, don't make this complicated
I'm Peter Pan I want to crow
I want to watch everyone die who is normal
I study the ritual our culture avoids
The one who will crow
I will crow

The day to day is paralyzing

Whats the reason for thought
Is it so I can feel, so I can boil my blood?
Where should I reside?
Help me breathe in uncertainty
Please appear brilliant to me

Today is paralyzing

The procedure for grievance
The infallible fiction
The moment at when we collapse
There was no fashion
Choking our skeletons

Today is paralyzing